Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patrick McIlheran: Let Paul Ryan set people free to go without healthcare

Patrick McIlheran, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist who has hung onto his job due to his willingness to link to right wing blogs,knows why Democrats have come out firing against Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America's future.
They hate freedom!
But the real problem for those on the dominant left of the Democratic Party is what you'd think makes Ryan's plans palatable: That they're voluntary. If you think Social Security's a good deal, you'd be able to stay in it, but for "progressives," this choice should never come up. For a century, progressive thought has sought to replace individual choice with collective decision-making.

The reasons vary, from seeing us as incompetent dupes to believing that only some compelled "social compact" can undo life's unfairness. The why is less important than the fact that, in fixing federal finances while treating us as individuals, not a herd, Ryan would transfer power from our leaders to us.

The fact that middle class and poor seniors won't fare well in Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand utopia, that it makes impractical cuts in the federal budget, and, oh yeah, the GOP is running away from it, never comes up in McIlheran's column.

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