Monday, February 8, 2010

The false courageousness of Paul Ryan

Well, it appears the Dems are going to put Paul Ryan's widely hated -- by Ryan's fellow R's -- Roadmap to a vote.

Paul Ryan realizes his plan is deeply unpopular -- that whole balancing the budget on the backs of poor senior thing. (And the fact it's based on dubious assumptions, and doesn't control costs,and even in the best case won't fix the budget for 70 years).

Faced with this backlash, Ryan is making grandiose statements about how "If I lose my job over this, fine. But I want to prevent a fiscal crisis."

What job would he lose? His ranking minority position? ('Twould be hilarious if the fair haired idea boy of the GOP were to be busted down.) Or would he be defeated in an election? That's difficult to imagine, given his only declared opponent has $546 on hand vs. $1.6 million by Paul Ryan. One suspects his job security is pretty solid. Act Blue is trying to change that, but it's, uh, uphill.

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